PILGRIMAGE / INITIATION >——< The St Michael and St.Mary Ley Line, UK


Hello, firstly welcome to my blog, and welcome to the largest of my blog posts, describing my journey across the UK visiting nearly a hundred sacred sites, holy wells and more.

I have decided to finally compile many years work, and travelling in the form of a blog post which may well turn out to be a book, film and series of photographs.

Having Lived at the infamous Glastonbury Tor (pictured below) over a period of three years on and off, since 2016.

(taken in Priddy, Somerset, pictured below)




(Glastonbury Tor, pictured below)


(Glastonbury Tor, pictured below)IMG_4144tor.jpg
(Glastonbury Tor, pictured below)



(the white spring, at the foot of Glastonbury Tor, pictured above)

I have decided to finally compile many years work, and travelling in the form of a blog post which may well turn out to be a book, film and series of photographs.

Having Lived at the infamous Glastonbury Tor (pictured below) over a period of three years on and off, since 2016.

(Glastonbury Tor, pictured below)

I cannot say that this period was an enjoyable one, it was a very harsh time in my life, whilst going through a karmic twin flame soul mate breakup , which left me heartbroken and on the the verge of an emotional breakdown or breakthrough !  A great deal has been learnt over the last few years visiting many sacred and holy energy vortexes, on the land, thorughout the UK, from wales, Scotland, including famous sites such as Silbury hill, Stonehenge, and many lesser known megalithic sites such as the 12 apostles stone circle in Scotland, Castle rigg, in the lake district, and more.

 (Stonehenge, taken during the “beast from the east’ snow storm , pictured below)


Some video footage taken at the begining of my Journey.  Infact this wad the first in the series of films created for the Life in the Layby project. (Episode 1 – Life in the Layby – Avebury )
Cairn Holy (pictured below)
My Favourite site currently on the Britsh Isles, Cairn Holy, pictured below at sunrise
CAIRN HOLY PART 1 below>>>>>
CAIRN HOLY PART 3 below>>>>>
CAIRN HOLY PART 2 below>>>>

 a short fim featuring Pentre Ifan, Presseli hills, Wales

a short film featuring Moel ty Uchaf, Anglessey, Wales


Bryn celli ddhu (pictured below)




The path of the Fool, the journey begins

This journey began in 2015 whilst living Off grid, in a caravan, in the grounds of a famous actress’s Mansion. In the grounds lay a very secret Holy well, on the borders of west sussex, near an ancient Saxon burial mound, on which a church was built around 1100AD, you can find this beautiful spot, “st Marys” at Chithurst, there is also a buddhist monastery at this location due to its special peaceful energy. The surrounding field are covered with Magic mushrooms, including the Amanita muscaria mushroom and the Liberty cap. Little did i know at the time that this was the begining of a most magical journey across the land, and indeed across worlds, and dimensions many are yet to discover. Whilst living at the grounds i had several mystical experiences, with spirit, the spirit of the spring, ghost sitings within the house, and some unpleasant attacks from malevolent entities, including the owner, which occured in the form a succubus, in the astral plane. whilst living at this site for the period of around 2.5 years, i was able to visit some other sites of interest including avebury stone circle , which on first visiting i did not like the energy at all.


The journey began as i was evicted from my house by the owners, my parents, for refusing to continue to pay the £900 plus pounds rent per month. Initially i began to see through the rent trap, and did not want to be a wage slave.  This period was around a time when i had really begun a spiritual awakening of sorts around 2014, although i believe this started in 2012 or earlier.
so some background on my solitary journey. a most painful and emotional journey filled with great anxiety, demons, psychic attacks, visited to other dimensions, periods of great depression. dealing with evil people, unseen forces and curses. It seemed that whoever i seemed to meet , was either from a past life, some kind of karmic soul to whom i owed a debt, or who wanted to pay me back in some form of curse or psychic attack.
As i said over this period i have had many epiphanies, spiritual experiences, magical experiences, and many attacks from both people and unseen forces. I have had a huge body of information come to me, over this period, and i continue to learn and open myself to the unknown, the occult, spiritual knowledge, with guidance from angels and spirit alike. As well as all this i have had some interest from secret services, government officials and other dubious entities of whom i had to keep on their toes. This is partly the reason I live as a nomad, as i have experienced certain symptoms of being a targeted individual, including emails hacked, facebook accounts hacked, and many other unexplained harassments. As i have a divine connection to spirit, i have been shown and informed that over this period, i have been monitored by secret services, possibly for my lawful rebellion action, including knowledge of common law, admiralty law, and the reptillian agenda, including the religous deception, and oppression from authorities at all levels, from council, police to tax collectors all the way up to the monarchy and higher…..yes, higher, shadow pope, black pope, shadow government, those Insidious psychopathic individuals and bloodlines, which have kept humanity in a state of perpetual enslavement and fear for many many centuries. This period sees many coming to the conclusion that something is not right in the world, as they know it, many describe an ascension, or global awakening , a disclosure of sorts, information is freely available on these subjects due to the rise of world wide web, the clue is in the name. It is indeed a web , of lies deception , and a trap, like flies are caught in a spiders web.

The age of surveillance

Surveillance has increased to ridiculous levels, to where, we now live in an age of EVIL Artificial Intelligence, both in the home, and in the pocket of every citizen of earth, toxic radiation from mobile phones, the EVIL Alexa in many homes, monitoring, recording and documenting its users, and many other listening and recording devices have become standard issue for almost every person on earth, despite nationality. As one awakens to this truth, one begins to piece together the jigsaw, that leads us down a rabbit hole of discovery, of an unpleasant presence, that can only be described as EVIL.


The word Evil, coming from the hebrew word “AVEN” meaniong “No thing”. We are truly in spiritual warfare, the world is at war, yet again, world war 3 is upon us, we are in WW3 , this time it is a psychological warfare, with silent weapons used on the greater population including , MK ultra mind control techniques, ESP techniques such as astral travel, remote viewing and other psychic abilities have also come into the play. we live in an increasing Electro magnetic field, which alters the molecules in a human body, and brain, we are being sprayed like bugs from the air, with poisonous toxins, our food supply is covered in toxic chemicals, the water is being poisoned, the soil is being poisoned, the water supply in the under earth aquifers, is being polluted by fracking chemicals. We are living in an age where there is 6 million plus cctv cameras in the uk alone. What force are we dealing with, a benevolent force, a caring government? i think not, the evidence is there for all who have eyes to see. We are living in a satanic pedophile death cult, where blood sacrifice is a daily ritual for the initiated, children go missing daily, others are poisoned at birth with vaccines, containing alluminuim and humanity is at a point where many are indeed waking up to these facts. whilst the new agers are all , love and light, focus on the positive, etc. I find it difficult to ignore the things described.39742452_10156167315563725_392024424137621504_n

Spiritual Warfare

This is a spiritual war, we are at war, possibly with ourselves, we are one, is what we are told by enlightened masters, we are one consciousness, the earth is us, we are the earth, nature, etc, I am that i am., I am the all, The self, the “Attma”. Universal conciousness, the universe is me , i am the universe. this is known as self realisation in the spiritual community, or in other words, enlightenment. many are moving into 5th dimensional realty, a state of unconditional love. whilst the remainder of the global population exists in a state of hell, a 3rd dimension of duality where suffering is widespread, confusion and despair is the norm. I am now being made aware of the importance of the ones own vibrational frequency, this means what vibration your frequency is resonating at, for example is it unconditional love and a state of bliss, or is it in a state of fear, or intoxication, is their alcohol or drugs in the system, what foods are you eating, organic foods, or chemical laden products from bottled water to gmo foods. everything is affecting your frequency, the EMF from mobile phones, wireless devices connected to wifi at 2.4ghz, a known disruptor to the human body. At this point the world is waking up supposedly with many groups such as extinction rebellion, making noise, politics is a joke, authority in general is joke.
thoughts are also affecting your vibration, as i have found to my own detriment, so unconsciously i have been cursing and psychically attacking everyone in my life without even knowing , i have the ability to create thought form demons, or in other words, i have the power to affect others conciousness with my thought forms, by sending directed energy toward a person i am able to affect them in either a negative or positive way. As one awakens, one discovers other hidden abilities including telepathy, telekineses, astral travel, and more. the reality we are experiencing has been put under the microscope, what is reality, a dream? a hologram. who or what are we? aliens, gods, are we even here? the answer is NO we are not really here, so we are just infinite consciousness experiencing itself in many forms. We are one. or are we. Confusing to say the least.

I started to write about my epic journey of initiation into the world of hidden forces and have almost covered all that i have experienced over the past 5 or so years. I have met Angels , Aliens , demons and sub human entities, i have been attacked by witches in the astral realms , cursed, hexed, i have experienced some very strange psychadelic experiences, inlcuding meeting a dryad, in the spirit realm, a tree with whom i spoke briefly with, before opening my eyes, he thanked me for coming, I have smoked cannabis with the dead terrence mckenna in the astral realm, had astral sexual contact with girls whom i lusted after in this reality. I have been attacked by many lower vibrational entities including what most would refer to as demons. I have been face to face with my own demons, including the spirit of greed , lust , addiction, apathy and more.

I am currently still making sense of all this , and piecing together the myriad of experiences, which have led me to this point, i walk around on the edges of society, like a ghost, many titles such as solitary witch, healer, shaman, druid, bridge between worlds, may describe my current state of being.

Some very powerful psychadelic experiences have also shaped my consciousness over the pasty few years, but really , this has been a theme through every lifetime. I first took magic mushrooms aged 14 or so, it was a blissful and joyful experience if i remember with lots of ecstatic laughing in the dormitory at school. It was at this point i realised i did not fit in, i was some kind of outcast. until i met others at college, who were also using mind altering substances, the college years were spent under a haze of cannabis addiction, with heavy use of other substances, mostly amphetamines, and ectasy, which was probably laced with heroin and other drugs. also occasional use of cocaine, and quite a few LSD experiences, as well as magic mushrooms. Cannabis was the daily drug of choice, and this lead to years of growing the plant, totalling a 25 year cannabis habit.

This concludes my rambling for now, however i hope to add to this. I may even start a book of some description. however, the focus at present is the St Michael and mary line to which this article is titled , and i intend to visit each of the sites along the line, in person with my truck or motorbike, or on foot, i am documenting each site, and creating a library of photographs and video footage of which i will compile some kind of film. All i can do is describe my own experiences or epipahnies along this journey , in time, this will all make sense and i will gain clarity from the situation, i am sure.

I would like to add something else spiritual that has come to my attention, and that is the protection of arc angel michael, to whom i have called upon many times in my hour of need. I have used this technique to remove cords, to certain people i have felt is attacking me. is this a co incidence, st. michael ? arc angel michael? is there a link? I have also learnt recently the name of the SUN , the solar sun, one of its names, is Michael. there is also a belief that this is horus, jesus christ , and many other names . so this is another area of interest for me, learning the connection between the solar deity, and the worship of the sun by ancient cultures and also the opposing worship of saturn.

I thought i might add about ENERGY vampires, i am currently writing this in the pub, there are energetic parasites and vampires, EVERYWHERE in society, many people , most people infact have demonic influence, entity attachements, and are completely unaware . this is the main reason for living a solitary existence. Many people are of a low vibration, smoking , drinking alchol, eating poison food, watching TV and consuming low vibrational information and such like.


The most famous ley line in the World, with pilgrims travelling these sites for thousands of years. the Ley line pictured below , runs across the south of England, connecting many Sacred sites, built over the years to mark energetic high points on the land. The ley line actually runs across the surface the world, and was re discovered by John mithcell in the 1960’s, however it is clear to see that sites date back to the neolithic period with early druid sites such as boscawen-un circle and avebury marking the energetic high points.

Below is the first of four images, documenting the sites that begin this ley line, running through Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, on through Wiltshire and beyond.

this is the begining of the ley line. showing the first few sites , starting with Carn les boel. near lands end Cornwall.

1.Carn Les Boel –

I Walked to this site, after spending the night at land’s end in my van. It was beautiful walk of around 2 miles, along some of the most magnifinect coastline in the UK.


2.Alisa Well –

I  visited this magical spot today 12th June 2019. Quite easy to find , usually however i am led by spirit to these sites, almost like an inbuilt satnav. After walking through 2 fields, i began to see a huge amount of beautiful trees, and i knew i was close to the well, i could feel the magic in the air, i could hear nothing but the beautiful sounds of nature, no ugly human noise, no traffic, just peace. The holy well, i was expecting to find a vandalised, run down well, however i was pleasantly surprised, and rumors of destruction in 2000, were set to rest, the spring was flowing with fresh clean water, really a gift from heaven, in an age where most water is full of toxic chemicals. I decided to wash my face and hair first in the clean spring water, then i proceeded to drink four or five bottles of the fresh healing water. the atmosphere at the spring was indeed magical, a perfect stillness, a much needed sanctuary from the insanity of modern society. the most notable feature was the huge Gunnara plant, on the edge of the site. This is the second spring of maybe 10 or so, i have visited which has this huge magical plant growing nearby.

I also meditated for 20 minutes at the site, and left feeling revived and at peace.

I believe the site is linked to the st.Mary line, the female current, the water energy, as opposed to the masculine michael current which is usually associated with Tors, and hills. I definitely felt a feminine energy here.

below is some footage of the holy well , in all its glory. Enjoy

3. St.Buryan church

I visited this , place, and unfortunately it was not as peaceful as many describe, as the tower was under construction, so there were stone masons working on the structure with their heavy machinery. this aside , i did enjoy looking around this christian structure, and there was indeed some very old graves in the graveyard.

below is some footage of the church at St. Buryan.

4.Boscawen-un Stone circle

The first time i visited this site, there were around 20 or 30 pagans, sitting around a fire. I did not want to get involved, as i move in the shadows, so i decided not to enter their private gathering. A couple of days later i decided to re visit the site, this time, it was late at night. this took some courage , to enter a druid site of ritual , midnight alone, with much spirit activity. I did the usual cleansing with sage and lit a few candles in the centre of the stone circle. On arriving at the circle there was definitely a eerie silence , associated with spirit activity. the atmosphere was indeed tangible and i felt a healthy sense of wonder and awe to be finally alone in the dark with the circle.

I proceeded to get to work doing my photography, painting the stones, with my LED light and shooting long exposure pictures, trying to get the most crisp shots of both the stones and the stars.

below is a comilation of those photos and video. Enjoy

5.Blind Fiddler Standing Stone

I meditated at the blind fiddler stone. Infact there is a short story about visiting this stone. I was headed for Lands end, for the first time in my life, and whilst driving just after sunset, along the road leading to lands end, i saw, peeking over the hedge maybe 25 ft from the road, a standing stone, but what caught my eye was a sparrow hawk perched on top of it. I knew instantly that this was a magical sign, and a special place. At the time i had no idea the name of the stone or it’s significance, however on learning Location, and it’s importance, it all becomes very clear. I Love random occurences such as this, i love to discover new sites, especially ancient ones. The Stone stands alone in a famers, field, and i doubt it has that many visitors, despite being visible from the road side.


A small village next to penazance, i am yet to find anything of interest here, although this is where a river meets the ocean, this could indeed be the same body of water that springs up at Alsia well. i will need to investigate this further

7. St Michaels Mount


below is another image, of place names and sites along the famous St.michael and St.mary ley line.

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 4.09.07 pm

9.Philleigh church – St.Philleigh church

10. Ruan Lanihorne church



13. Resugga Castle

14. Menacuddle well



the line continues and these are the sites that are connected with the ley line, which has been a place of pilgrimage for probably 10,000 years, with the early stone circles being estimated at over 5,000 years old.

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 4.09.14 pm

the fourth and final image is as follows.Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 4.09.23 pm

below is an image of the michael and mary line across the UK


18 . ? AVALON / Glastonbury TOR

O of the most famous sites along the ley line, as described earlier i spent many years living a the foot of the Tor. Many magiucal experiences occured whilst spending time at this site, Lost Love, initiation, healing, cleansing, Knowledge and much more.

Below is a shirt film i created featuring the Tor.


I will include other externnal links of interest as i create this article. one video of interest which shows the various sites along the line using google images.


Below is the other Michael and Mary Line which connects sites across europe. THese two dragonlines or ley lines, cross at the St michaels mount site, near pensance in cornwall, a very special place, where the energy is high, and any sensitives are able to pickup on this energetic force on the land.


EXTERNAL LINKS regarding the st.michael and st.mary line, including videos from other creators and other sites.





Michael Line




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