Dirty shills list

here is a rather accurate list of people you should NOT be listening too, AVOID , shills , frauds, paid controlled opposition, false light , controlled opposition , dodgy AF ……ignore at your peril . for those with eyes to see.

David Icke
Max igan
Dolores Cahill
Mark Steele
Mark Devlin
Magenta pixie
Laura Eisenhower
Kate shemirani
Lorie Ladd
Ralph smart infinite waters
CLC common law courts
a warrior calls
Teal swan
Oprah Winfrey
Eckhart Tolle
Deepak Chopra

the Anonymous movement (masked)
extinction rebellion , Gail bradbrook, Roger hallam etc
Greta thunberg

anyone saying the word ‘ global ‘ or using a globe in their logo
anyone promoting jab or mask wearing.
any member of antifa or BLM
anyone promoting left right paradigm red / blue politics …
anyone NOT calling out Zionist ISRAEL and the synagogue of Satan . mossad , cia , mi6 , mi5 , the crown Vatican agents, military , police, judiciary ( admiralty maritime law)

any q anon retard….
x22 report
bitchute team
JC Kay
mark attwood
Shaun attwood

Robert David Steele
Sacha Stone
“Juan O Savin” (a.k.a. Wayne Willott)
Charlie Ward
Simon Parkes
Charlie Freak
Scott McKay
Michael Jaco
Mel K
Santa Surfing
Gene Decode
alpa Soni
Nicholas Veniamin
Sean Stone
David Nino Rodriguez

  • more

Brien Forester Inca tours
Hugh Newman megalithomania (and his freemason skirt )jj
Graham Hancock
Corey Goode
Laura Eisenhower
David wilcock
Abraham Hicks ??

channeling in general is fishy AF ( malevolant ET entities false light )

Joe rogan
Kerry Cassidy
miles bases
m seeker of truth
aloise surfleet Middleton Dharma podcast
Camelot tv ( tintagel
Tommy robinson
Russell Brand
Alex Jones aka Bill Hicks Info wars .
Roger Stone
Wolfgang Halbig
Laura Loomer
Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth
Nathan Stolpman of Lift the Veil
Tyler Baggins
Mark Dice
Stephen Molyneux
Titus Frost


  • Aaron Mccolum
  • Alex Collier
  • Alfred Webre
  • Ashayana Deane
  • Benjamin Fulford (jesuit)
  • Boriska
  • Clifford Stone
  • Credo Mutwa
  • Dan Burisch
    – David Icke (BBC)
    – David Wilcock (Gaia)
  • Dolores Cannon
  • Duncan O’Finioan (disinfo on MK Ultra)
  • Erich von Däniken (Ancient Aliens)
  • Gary McKinnon
  • George Kavasillas
  • James Casbolt
  • Jane Burgemeister
  • Jessica Schab (Crystal children)
  • Jim Marrs (Coast to Coast)
  • Jim Sparks
  • John Lear (planes of 911 as holograms)
  • Jordan Maxwell
  • Joseph Farrell (disinfo on Operation Paperclip)
  • Leo Zagami (Illuminati hoax)
  • Luca Scantamburlo (Planet X, jesuits as good guy)
  • Mark Richards
  • Max Spears (Bases Project)
  • Miriam Delicado
  • Pete Peterson
  • Peter Levenda (Sinister Forces, Unholy Alliances)
  • Mike Sparks
  • Richard Dolan
  • Richard Hoagland (face on Mars hoax, Coast to Coast)
  • Robert Dean
  • Sasha Stone
  • Simon Parks (Trump as outsider narrative)
  • Steven Greer (Disclosure Project, Gaia)
  • William Tompkins
    the New Age Church
    Controlled opposition

lifting the veil Cullen Smith globetard

any atheist , Satanist or abrahamic religous cult member , including JESUS or YAHWEH war shippers and demiurge fakes. worshippers of the black cube or Saturn .

a call for an uprising ,
shake my head productions, witsit gets it .

any Jesuit or freemason or globalist .

if you have any more please add to the list and share .